Dozens of movies have been made about the legendary Celtic sword “Excalibur” (Caledfwlch) who was offered to King Arthur by Marianne. Those movies have been transferred to 35 mm, DVD, VHS, DIVX, thousands and thousands of copies were made. You can find them in video rentals, supermarkets, along Peer-to-peer networks… Millions of souls have seen them but how many people have seen the sword?
Over the years so many people tried to make us believe that the value of a film was the number of people who saw it, the benefits it generated and the awards it had. Because cinema was not a craft but an industry. We were never told that our movies could be legends.
We could be adventurers, craftmen and kings at the same time.
Now dear readers, I would like to share with you one of my day dreams. I was a King of modern days. My kingdom was large and prosperous. I had made for my son, not the most beautiful sword but the most beautiful film. It was created to accompany him during life's battles. When sadness would try to drown him into its darkness, the film would shine into him and light up the path to the shore. When ghosts of the past would come and try to enlarge his heart's wounds, the film would be there to defeat this invisible army. It would act like a sword and a shield at the same time.
He would give the film to his son, who would give it to his son and the film would travel from generation to generation till it disappeared and became legend.
A movie can be a sword.
When I decided to have this movie created, I knew that it should be like a sword. A straight and double-edged movie which could cut at once the head of its owner’s doubts.
Long to be powerful but short enough to leave its owner with a necessary degree of freedom. The film should be light to allow speed and versatility of the owner spirit. It should be made of the finest material, for time to flow smooth over it.
When I opened my eyes, I realized two things:
Firstly that my film could be a sword for a king, that another one could be a beautiful dress, a shelter for the one spirit who suffers.
My film could be everything but a film.
Secondly, I realized that I could make a film for a single person, and a single person could watch it. It would not decrease its value, or alter its nature.
Excalibur was one and only one, owned by one and only one man.
My movie does not have to be seen by as many people as possible.
It does not have to make money or go to markets and get prices.
The reason is simple: because talking to one man or a million men is the same. Like the straw of grass contains the whole universe.
A single human being contains the whole humanity.
Nagnú thus rules.